The sky is the limit when it comes to designing and constructing fencing.  The constructional form and the style of available materials and panels are almost endless.  We can repair or replace existing fences or build a new fence from scratch and are happy to do this in both an agricultural or domestic setting.

Posts can be timber, concrete or even plastic.  The concrete posts are slotted to accommodate the fencing panel and usually incorporate a concrete gravel board to keep the timber panel off the ground.  Timber posts are finished with a top capping or stylish finial.  We concrete all our posts in place and finish the timber posts with a suitable capping or finial.   We do not use proprietary steel spikes on inserts, as we believe these do not provide the best option for robustness or longevity.

Panels range from the budget to the bespoke, from the traditional Overlap, Feathered Edge and Palin, to the more stylish ‘European’ panels with interwoven panels and bowed or arched tops.  There are trellis panels, square or diamond with various size openings.   There are even panels that combine solid and trellis sections.  They all come in standard sizes of 6’ wide and 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’,  or 6’ high.

As an alternative to a panel fence we can construct a timber bespoke ‘built up fence’ that makes it easer for the structure to follow the gradient of the land and results in a smooth run of fencing rather then one with a stepped appearance.  Again these can be Palin, Feathered Edge, or just post and rail (ranch).

We can fit gates too, either to an existing opening or as part of a fencing project.  These we can either build these ourselves from timber or buy timber or metal gates ‘off the shelf’.

There are various regulations pertaining to the construction of fences that the customer needs to be aware of and all of which we discuss at the planning and design stage of the process (see About > Technical Advice)

All the timber we use for the construction of our fences is pressure-treated for longer life expectancy but can be over-painted if desired.